Anticipated Completion Date: September 2017


Settlement is still on track for September 2017.

By now, each purchaser should have received an email from Helen Ong and Amy Flack of CBRE, who have been appointed as Settlements Administrators for Bosco, Five Dock.

Their team are organising valuation inspections for your bank and pre-settlement inspections for the purchasers. If you have not done so already, we suggest that you contact your bank to commence the loan process. This may require a formal valuation that the bank will organise on your behalf.

CBRE Contact details:

Amy Flack
Settlement Administrator
T +61 2 8969 8562 | E amy.flack[at]

Helen Ong
Settlement Administrator
T +61 2 8969 8551 | E[at]

With the complete removal of the scaffolding around the entire site the quality of the building works is now completely revealed. The attention to detail by the builder with the external works has been reflected in the interior finishes. The building sit very well within the established trees and parkland setting. There is a current focus by the builder on completing the courtyards and external landscaping. The quality of the internal courtyard space will provide a private oasis to meet your neighbours and organise gatherings with your friends and family.

You may have noticed the streetscape improvements in Great North Road and these will continue along the new street frontages of Bosco Five Dock. The ANZAC Memorial on the corner of Lyons Road and Great North Road is currently undergoing a long overdue update and cleaning.


The first three buildings of the nine blocks that make up Bosco have now been unveiled with the removal of the perimeter scaffolding.

Less obvious from the street is the quality of the internal landscaped courtyard area that will be a private oasis within the development.

As we move towards settlement with purchasers, the focus will shift to the quality of the internal finishes in the apartments.  Based on initial inspections, the builder has excelled with the attention to detail and quality of finish.  Closer to completion, all purchasers will be invited to carry out their own inspections and this will be the opportunity for you to experience first hand the level of finish, the outlook from your apartment and the quality of the space.

There are only a small number of terraces fronting Great North Road. If you or your friends and family are interested in an apartment please get in touch with us quickly.


The BIG Reveal!

Although the photo doesn’t show it, we are delighted to see the scaffold starting to be removed around the buildings to reveal the brick façade. The best view of this is currently from McKinnon Avenue and from Storey Park. Soon the façade along Lyons Road will similarly be unveiled followed by the the terraces along Great North Road.


At a similar time the tower crane that has dominated the skyline will be removed.

The fine weather has permitted the construction to continue at a very high rate and the building structure and all roofs are now complete. On the inside the first of the timber floors and kitchen have been installed, bathrooms and laundries tiled and layouts of the apartments are starting to take shape.

Based on the current rate of progress it is expected that construction will be completed in the middle of next year. Leading up to the settlement period, your agent from CBRE will be contacting you to provide further information on the timing of settlement and assisting you in getting ready to becoming the owner of your new home.

There remains a very small number of highly desirable apartments remaining so please let you friends and family know about the limited opportunities remaining.

Construction Update | September 2016

If you have driven down Lyons Road in the last month, you would have noticed considerable progress on site.

Along Lyons Road all buildings have now been “topped out”, and the buildings adjacent to Storey park have also “topped out” – this means that if your apartment number starts with an “A” or a “B” then the concrete structure of your building is now complete!

These buildings have now moved onto the finishing works such as the internal plasterboard walls, bathrooms, kitchens, windows and external walls.

The Terraces and apartments that start with a “C” or “D” are nearing the same stage in construction and the builder will be commencing on finishes in the next month.

There will be an increase in construction activity in the next month with the number of workers on site approaching 200. It will not be long before you start seeing the scaffold coming down to reveal the beautiful brickwork and unveiling the dramatic architecture. At the same time as the completion of the building works, the exterior landscaping and tree planting will be taking place.

Artist's Impression

Artist’s Impression

We’re very pleased that Council have agreed to replace the tree root damaged footpath along Lyons Road with a new footpath. The new footpath will be further away from the Lyons Road fig trees and less likely to be damaged by the tree roots. This new footpath will allow easier access to the apartment buildings facing Lyons Road.

With the current progress on site and continued fine weather, it is still expected that all building works will be complete in the middle of next year and you will be able to move into your new home soon after. Leading up to the settlement period, your agent from CBRE will be contacting you and your solicitor will also be letting you know of what the process will be ahead of becoming the owner of your new home.

July 2016 | Construction Update

All foundation and excavation works have been completed. The final concrete slab was poured at the end of June.

All the ground floor structure works for the buildings have been completed and the works for Levels 1, 2 and 3 have begun.

In the next three months, you can expect to see the external structure reach towards its final form and the internal works begin. 






March Report | Construction

The excavation works to the bottom of the basement were completed in October 2015, while the the team are still in the process of excavating the service pits and trenches.

The foundation works are well and truly underway with the structural piles to rock completed early in 2016.

We are now looking to the basement concrete, which will be poured after Easter with the erection of the tower crane to follow shortly after.