The BIG Reveal!

Although the photo doesn’t show it, we are delighted to see the scaffold starting to be removed around the buildings to reveal the brick façade. The best view of this is currently from McKinnon Avenue and from Storey Park. Soon the façade along Lyons Road will similarly be unveiled followed by the the terraces along Great North Road.


At a similar time the tower crane that has dominated the skyline will be removed.

The fine weather has permitted the construction to continue at a very high rate and the building structure and all roofs are now complete. On the inside the first of the timber floors and kitchen have been installed, bathrooms and laundries tiled and layouts of the apartments are starting to take shape.

Based on the current rate of progress it is expected that construction will be completed in the middle of next year. Leading up to the settlement period, your agent from CBRE will be contacting you to provide further information on the timing of settlement and assisting you in getting ready to becoming the owner of your new home.

There remains a very small number of highly desirable apartments remaining so please let you friends and family know about the limited opportunities remaining.

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