Settlement is still on track for September 2017.

By now, each purchaser should have received an email from Helen Ong and Amy Flack of CBRE, who have been appointed as Settlements Administrators for Bosco, Five Dock.

Their team are organising valuation inspections for your bank and pre-settlement inspections for the purchasers. If you have not done so already, we suggest that you contact your bank to commence the loan process. This may require a formal valuation that the bank will organise on your behalf.

CBRE Contact details:

Amy Flack
Settlement Administrator
T +61 2 8969 8562 | E amy.flack[at]

Helen Ong
Settlement Administrator
T +61 2 8969 8551 | E[at]

With the complete removal of the scaffolding around the entire site the quality of the building works is now completely revealed. The attention to detail by the builder with the external works has been reflected in the interior finishes. The building sit very well within the established trees and parkland setting. There is a current focus by the builder on completing the courtyards and external landscaping. The quality of the internal courtyard space will provide a private oasis to meet your neighbours and organise gatherings with your friends and family.

You may have noticed the streetscape improvements in Great North Road and these will continue along the new street frontages of Bosco Five Dock. The ANZAC Memorial on the corner of Lyons Road and Great North Road is currently undergoing a long overdue update and cleaning.

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